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About us


We offer regular psychotherapy, psychotherapy for psychedelic users with a focus on harm reduction and processing of psychedelic experiences, and courses for healthcare professionals. Our therapists are located in Norway, mainly in Oslo and Bergen. We offer in-person sessions in Oslo, and online sessions.

The name Psykolyse itself comes from the word "psycholytic", which is a form of treatment tested in the 1960s where psychedelic substances were combined with talk therapy for the treatment of mental problems. We chose this name as it matches our interest in psychotherapy and our research interest in psychedelics in and outside of therapy.


For psychedelic users: We do not offer psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy or psycholytic therapy, as this is currently not an approved treatment for mental illness. We also do not facilitate or encourage the use of psychedelic substances. You should still be confident that you can come to us and talk about your psychedelic use and that you will be met by psychologists who have expertise in the area and who meet you with openness and curiosity. All our psychologists are members of the Norwegian Psychological Association and follow the association's professional guidelines, including the Norwegian Directorate of Health's professional guidelines for treatment.


Single session 45 min NOK 1480 (1720)

Extended session 60 min NOK 1975 (2290)
Double session 75 min NOK 2470 (2950)
 Prices for weekends and hours after 3.30pm Norwegian time in parentheses.


Payment is made on a cardterminal after each session. If you receive therapy online via video, you will be sent an invoice by email. If you have health insurance  ask your insurance company whether they cover psychological treatment with a private psychologist. Our experience is that most insurance companies accept treatment with us.

Insurance agreement

Several clients have had their course of treatment covered by health insurance. You may already have this with your employer, so it is recommended to investigate. Alternatively, you can draw this privately. Several of our customers have had up to 10 hours covered via, for example, Storebrand's health insurance. Check with your company in advance if they cover sessions with a private psychologist, most insurances require prior approval before they are willing to pay for psychologist sessions.

Cancellation policy

Appointments must be canceled no later than two working days (48 hours) before the appointed time. Cancellations after this time are charged in full.



In Norway, doctors and psychologists have a duty of confidentiality. In some special cases, we have a duty to inform the child protection services, other healthcare providers etc. See e.g. Child Protection Act § 6-4, Health Personnel Act §23 and § 31-34 for more information.

For other terms of sale see pdf

Norwegian Psychological Association
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