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Psychedelic-Oriented Psychotherapy

Despite the fact that several psychedelic substances have been legalized abroad in recent years, today most psychedelics are illegal in Norway, and are not used in psychotherapy outside of clinical studies of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy. We at Psykolyse recognize that they are illegal. We also respect how powerful and destabilizing these substances can be and encourage no one to use them. As with other drugs, psychedelic substances are no exception here, they are illegal and involve risk factors in their own way. Approximately 8% of Norwegians have tried psychedelic mushrooms during their lifetime, and surveys of users of psychedelic substances (LSD, DMT and Psilocybin) show that approximately 5% report long-term negative after-effects.

As healthcare personnel, we see it as an important part of our social mission to offer harm-reducing information and the opportunity for a space to discuss experiences one has had on psychedelics. We therefore offer harm reduction and integration talks for psychedelics users, we choose to call it "Psychedelics oriented psychotherapy" as such talks are to a large extent similar to ordinary talk therapy. This approach is very different to psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy because we neither: facilitate, offer nor accept that clients come to us under the influence of psychedelics. It is important for us to emphasize that this approach is intended for people who are already using psychedelics.

Our Approach

We base our approach on mindfullness based interventions, integrative psychotherapy, psychodynamic psychotherapy and from a modern framework known as "Psychedelic Harm Reduction and Integration" developed by Ingmar Gorman and Elisabeth Nielson. This is an eclectic approach where the goal and method are adapted to each client's needs:


Some clients need information and reflection related to their own use of psychedelic substances. Typically, one here together with the therapist, discuss your own use of psychedelics in order to better understand your own motivation for using these substances, as well as what function psychedelics are playing in your life. The aim is basically to become more aware of your own motivation, its function and also help reduce any damage and risk associated with use.


Others clients have a strong need to process psychedelic experiences. These can be good, challenging or "bad trips". For this client group we try to offer an open shared exploration trying to understand what happened, and to process feelings and memories associated with the experience. In addition, for many it is an important part to try to reflect on insights which may have occured during the psychedelic experience, with the goal to integrate them in a positive way and bring it forward into the clients life.


Typical duration for psychedelic-oriented psychotherapy is 5-10 hours. Some find that they also want to talk more about other areas of their lives, and thus the psychotherapy develops more into a regular psychotherapy. Sessions last 45 minutes (single session) or 75 minutes (double session).

An appointment can be booked by using the button below "Book an appointment now" or you can get in touch by calling us on the phone:+47 48 92 20 70

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