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What exactly is talk therapy?

Talk therapy is a collective term for a number of different treatment methods. In recent times, a jungle of different therapies has been developed that can be used to help people with mental difficulties. Common terms are abbreviations such as CBT, EMDR, ISTDP, MBT, EFT and similar

For those of you who want therapy, it can be reassuring to know a little about the therapy method before you start. At the same time, it can be confusing and for some overwhelming. "Which should I choose?". With us, you can rest assured that you don't have to worry about this. Come as you are, we will find out together how we can help you and the therapist will tailor his therapy method to your needs and your personality.

If you are nevertheless curious, or would like a concrete therapy method with us, our psychologists mainly offer Psychodynamic therapy ,EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) and integrative/eclectic therapy. The therapy methods have a lot in common, but are also slightly different. Read more in the drop-down menu if you hover over "Talk therapy".


A therapy session is typically 45 minutes, a double session is 75 minutes. The sessions take place in the office or Online via a secure videoservice. At the start of therapy, some time is spent getting to know you, understanding your situation and your difficulties. This is also an important time for you as a client to evaluate youryour therapist and address any concerns or challenges you experience.


It is important to be safe in order to benefit from talk therapy. After a few hours, it often becomes clearer to you and your psychologist what your concrete challenges are that you can work on. But how much time should you spend in therapy?

How long should one go to therapy?

It is very individual how long one needs in therapy to feel better. It depends on how big and serious your problems are, as well as your desire and motivation to work on yourself. Therapy is stressful.


A common estimate for short-term therapy is from 6-20 hours. Others need more long-term therapy that extends over years. We offer both with us in psycholysis.

How often should I come for an interview?

In the initial phase of a therapy, it is recommended to come at least once a week. As the therapy gets underway, more people find that weekly conversations are a good support in everyday life, while others find that conversations every other week are enough.


If your problems are not particularly serious in the first place, it may be appropriate to have a call every 3 or 4 weeks

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